What are the prices of a Bottles 'n Brushes class?
Our adult classes start at $35 plus tax. We offer kiddo classes, couple’s classes, and other specialty classes as well. Prices vary and are listed on the Calendar.
What is the advantage to paying on-line thru paypal?
You will have NO wait when you come to paint. You will check-in at the desk and then choose your seat. Also, if the night is sold out, your seat is already paid for, so we will not call you to confirm your reservation.
When do you post a new monthly schedule?
Our monthly calendars will be posted on/around the 15th of every month, for the following month (ex: April's calendar will be posted on/around March 15th) You can sign-up for our monthly emails to be informed of when the calendar is posted.
Will I really be able to paint this painting in the time allowed? What if I have never painted before?
We have created the Bottles 'n Brushes experience for people without any painting experience! Your painting will be completed and dry in the allotted time.
At what time should I arrive for class?
We ask that you arrive 15- 20 minutes before your class starts to sign-in and get ready to paint!
Do you reserve seats?
We do not reserve locations of seats. It's first come first serve for placement. If you have a group over 10 people we can reserve you a seat in the back of the class. If you would prefer better seat placement we recommend that a member of your group comes early to save seats.
What is your cancellation policy?
Please call and give us a 24 hour notice for your cancellation. We have customers every night that are on a waiting list. This allows us to accommodate those requests. If you do not call and let us know about canceling your reservation, you run the risk of losing your credit/payment or gift certificate. We can always credit your reservation for another night if you let us know. Thank you for understanding.
May I bring my own beer and/or wine?
Yes! ONLY beer or wine. You must be 21 years of age and please drink responsibly. We provide wine openers. You are responsible for bringing your own glasses.
Do you also sell beverages?
No, we are only BYO at this time (wine or beer only. No liquor please).
Can we bring food?
Yes, appetizers are welcome!
What do I wear?
Aprons are provided, but paint is paint.... please wear something you feel comfortable painting in. When the paint dries, it does not come out of clothing.
What can I "sip" on?
Summerville studio: You may bring your own beverages (wine and beer ONLY!). We ask that you please bring your own glassware. We also sell ‘Sip Happens’ wine glasses! Appetizers are welcome, but please mindful that your painting supplies, canvas, and easel will be occupying most of the table space. You must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol and we ask that you please drink responsibly.

Brush Bus: Our Brush Bus Sip ‘n Paint classes are hosted at various restaurants and venues throughout the Greater Charleston area. No outside food or beverages are allowed at these events. The restaurants and venues offer exclusive food and beverage specials for our BNB customers during our classes. Food and beverages may be purchased from the venues, and is not included in your payment for the class. You must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol and we ask that you please drink responsibly.
What are the age requirements for the adult Sip ‘n Paint classes? Can I bring my young daughter/son?
Our adult Sip ‘n Paint classes are ages 15 and up only. The classes are taught at an adult pace, and in an adult social environment. We have teen/kiddo classes for our mini-masters, and yes – adults can sign up to paint during those classes as well!
Are drinks included with my payment?
No. Payment includes all the supplies needed for your painting experience.
What if I need to cancel my reservation?
Pre-paid reservations or paying with a Gift Certificate: We require 24 hours notice for your cancellation. Refunds for your cancellation will be issued in the form of a store credit that does not expire.

Reservation made without prepayment: As a courtesy to our customers, we still ask that you still notify us if you choose to cancel. This allows us to accommodate requests of customers on the waiting list for sold out classes.
What does “Brush Bus” mean? Do we actually paint on the bus?
The Brush Bus is our colorful custom-wrapped vehicle that facilitates transporting our supplies, materials and staff to the off-site location. No painting actually occurs on the bus, but it sure looks fun parked in front of your home or business during your Brush Bus party!
For a Brush Bus party, I don’t want to get paint all over my house/business. What do you offer to avoid that?
We bring drop-cloths, table covers, and plenty of extra tarps to ensure that your location is left untouched by paint! We leave it like we find it, taking all the mess with us. Accidents do happen from time to time, so we have cleaning supplies on hand just in case. If you have concerns, please let our staff know prior to your event.
How old does my child have to be to attend a kiddo class?
Ages 4 and up are welcome to attend our kiddo painting classes.
Do I need to stay during the class, or can I drop off my child at class and pick them up after?
Parents are welcome to do either. If you choose to drop your child off, please notify our staff when you check in, so that we are aware of who is authorized to pick them up.
I don’t have a child, but really like the kiddo paintings. Can adults paint during a kiddo class?
Sure! Adults are welcome to attend our kiddo classes. The price is the same for adults or children. No alcohol is to be consumed or sold during our kiddo classes.
Can I bring beer/wine to a kiddo class?
No. Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed or sold during our kiddo classes. (Exception would a Private Party, in which case it would be at the discretion of the host).
I have more than one kiddo to bring to a Parent & Me class. Is this ok?
Absolutely! Artist and assistant can offer tips on how to arrange the paintings for more than 2. Please reserve one spot per painter. (Ex: If you and your two children would like to paint, you would need to reserve three spots. $25 plus tax, per painter, unless otherwise noted).
Do I need a reservation?
Yes. We need to have a reservation to set up for the class. You can always call last minute, but do make a reservation so we can get your spot ready and you can paint without delay!